Opulence Terrace Venue

Opulence Terrace

As always pledged, Lebanon is amongst the the ideal place for you to host your aspirational wedding reception with all its amazing views, pristine countryside nature, great landscapes and most importantly – its astounding, tantalizing & comprehensive assortments of food.

So book your wedding right now! Our next love affair is at the Opulence Terrace Venue. If you are looking for more of a countryside experience, look no further – the venue is the splendid, glorious & marvelous Opulence Terrace Venue.

It is located on its very own highland setting, surrounded by a sparkling green and blue colored sky; this place is a hidden paradise.

Why Opulence Terrance Venue is your
perfect place to host your awaited big-day?

You & your partner will adore it due to its seclusion & retreat; as well as your lodgers will love its memorable & crisp scenic views and look out into the distance and at those rolling hills and just sigh.

Portrait the sunset over the Mediterranean and setting back down behind a landscape of mountains, unforgettable skies bursting with colorful clouds. To top it all off you get to spoil yourself with the height of traditional glamour?

What more can you ask for?