Fireworks are a spectacular show leaving nobody indifferent! Discuss with our manager the details of firework show. Kiddaboo also has an option to select whether you want firework or some pyro related ideas to add to the fireworks themselves:
Indoor fireworks – they have been back on the market since the mid-noughties after a long absence. You can also try party poppers, crackers (homemade ones can be customised for birthdays) and of course indoor sparklers and indoor fountains. Indoor sparklers can be put in the cake, or in the corks of bottles such as champagne. Ice fountains are surprisingly effective mini-fountains that you can use indoors. Of course, always check to make sure that any item you buy is suitable for indoor use.
Table top confetti bombs – great bombs, a pop then a cloud of confetti. Just watch it doesn’t get in the jelly!
Light sticks – provide up to eight hours of light and are fun indoors with the disco as well as outside during the display. They make a good “lucky dip” or “pass the parcel” prize. Other glow products include coloured necklaces, jewellery and badges! These are good for children’s birthdays.
And don’t forget sparklers for when you retire to the garden – everyone loves them before a display!